We assure quality through two linked approaches. Firstly, our values and culture focus our people on delivering on promises to clients and customers. Secondly, we regulate quality through our ISO 9001 Quality Management System – a structured regime which:

  • States the Quality Policy
  • Implements our quality procedures
  • Records and reports our levels of quality performance through KPIs
  • Identifies corrective actions and improvements

Connolly is a modern service provider and our quality aim is to provide an excellent experience for both clients and customers. This is defined as:

  • ‘Right first time’ working
  • Zero defects
  • Excellent customer care
  • On time completion

Delivering the client’s vision

Health & Safety

We promote a positive health and safety culture and recognise that the process of communication, consultation and involvement of all employees, together with visible leadership and commitment from the top, are all essential features connected with the development of a successful health and safety culture. We strongly believe the development of a good health and safety culture is essential in achieving a high quality service for our customers.

Our policy is regulary reviewed  by our SHEQ team. Our core business KPI’s include:

  • Achieve zero accidents
  • Implement OHSAS 18001 certified health and safety programme
  • Update training for all our employees
  • Deliver targeted communication every month for all site based employees and supply chain

Conduct monthly site audits


We consider ourselves to be a proactive and supportive neighbour and friend to those that we live and work with. Accordingly we believe that we have a duty to have a positive long-term effect on our community, our local area and the environment generally.

We provide all of our people with access to our quality management systems. Included within this is the Environmental Toolkit which provides clear advice, guidelines and tools to ensure we have a positive impact on the environment. Equally we set environmental objectives and targets which are measured, monitored and reviewed to enable continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

We also train our people and make resources available to enable responsible environmental management and behaviours whilst inspecting and auditing operations throughout the year, using our local Safety, Health & Environmental Manager, supported by our operating teams.

The Company accepts that environmental issues are management responsibilities but they depend on the co-operation of all employees to make the policy successful.


Our corporate responsibility and sustainability policy is applied in four main areas: marketplace, workplace, environment and community.


  • Our mission is to understand our clients’ business needs and deliver them in a way that delights those clients.
  • We will provide products and services of good value and consistent quality, reliability and safety.
  • We will develop products and services that help our clients and ourselves to reduce our impact on the environment, both during the course of construction and throughout the life of the completed assets.
  • We will promote our services and ourselves in an ethical way at all times in accordance with our published Ethics policy.
  • We recognise the importance of our supply chain and will develop secure long-term relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors based upon mutual trust.
  • We undertake to pay them on time and according to agreed terms.
  • Our purchasing power will be used in accordance with our Ethics policy and will not be used unscrupulously.


  • We recognise that our employees are our most important asset. Their commitment to our core values enables us to achieve our goals and build our reputation.
  • We seek to recruit and retain good people that reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate, to give equal opportunities to all of our staff, and to provide the training and development to help them have fulfilling and rewarding careers. We operate Equal Opportunities and Diversity polices to help us achieve this.
  • The health and safety of our employees and all those that we come into contact with is of paramount importance. We operate a Safety Management System.
  • We recognise that our responsibility extends beyond construction sites and have adopted policies to manage and minimise occupational road risk.
  • We will involve employees in continuously improving their own work methods and those of the Company as a whole.
  • We have a strategy of regular communication with employees that enables them to contribute to policy and strategy and helps them understand the importance of their roles to the organisation. We believe that this is vital for the success of the business.


  • The Company recognises the fundamental importance of understanding the full impact of its activities on the environment and is committed to improving that impact through its Environmental policy.
  • Our most significant contribution to the environment will be through continually improving our efficiency both on site and in our offices and reducing the amount of waste generated. Where we do generate waste we will look to recycle it.
  • We will promote the use of recycled materials or those from sustainable sources.
  • We will monitor our carbon emissions generated through energy use and employee travel and will adopt a carbon offsetting strategy that invests in research into improving the sustainability of the products and techniques that we use.


  • We are proud that our work enhances the communities in which we operate. We maintain a local presence through offices close to our clients and the communities that provide our staff and supply chain.
  • We support the local employment of trades and labour. We recognise the benefit that our profitability brings to the community in terms of employment, training, skills, and wealth creation.

Working Together to Safeguard Children’ and ‘Section 11 of the Children Act 2004’ places a statutory duty on all Contractors ‘who provide services for, or work with children’ or young people, to ‘safeguard and promote the welfare of children.’

Connolly Ltd shall at all times comply with the requirements of the Children Act 2004.  We will at all times have arrangements (“the Contractor’s Arrangements”) in force for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children which are compliant with the Contractor’s duties in ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ and will ensure that any additional internal procedures are consistent with these procedures.

We shall ensure that:

  1. All staff and volunteers (including temporary staff) are made aware of the businesses arrangements.
  2. The business will provide ‘a clear line of accountability within the organisation for work on safeguarding’ and promoting welfare and demonstrate ‘a clear commitment to the importance of safeguarding and promoting welfare’.
  3. The business will ensure that all staff and volunteers are subject to Safer Workforce processes and checks, including, ‘recruitment and human resources management procedures that take account of the need to safeguard and promote welfare, including arrangements for appropriate checks on new staff and volunteers,’ this includes conducting appropriate DBS and Independent Safeguarding Authority checks.
  4. The business will adhere to local Safeguarding Children’s Board ‘Procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against members of staff and volunteers,’ including arrangements for notifying the Local Authority.
  5. The business will ensure that all staff’ and volunteers ‘undertake appropriate training,’ and to ensure that this is kept ‘up-to-date by refresher training at regular intervals.
  6. The business will maintain accurate and up-to-date records of decision making and actions taken;
  7. The business will ensure they are at all times sensitive to needs arising from race, culture, religion, sexual orientation or linguistic background;
  8. The business will agree to furnish the Client on their reasonable request, with copies of their records relating to any of the above.
Equality & diversity

Connolly Limited believes:

“A truly effective diverse organisation is one in which the differences individuals bring are valued and used”.

An effective response to diversity is at the heart of a modern organisation.  A comprehensive diversity policy embraces key elements of best practice in employment and service delivery:

  • Addressing inequality;
  • Recognising and valuing difference;
  • Promoting a skilled, diverse workforce;
  • Meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse population; and
  • Acting in accordance with legislation.

We believe there are five critical factors for improving equality and diversity:-

Commitment – understanding the concept, owning and leading the work at the highest levels, and committing adequate resources.

Involving users – consulting the actual and potential users of services about their needs and requirements.

Mainstreaming equality and diversity – integrating equality and diversity into day to day work, and translating policy into practice.

Monitoring performance data – ensuring that data gathering and analysis on equality and diversity is part of core performance monitoring systems.

Sustainability – continuously keeping up the momentum to counter discrimination and promote diversity, reviewing performance and setting new targets.

It is the duty of all employees to comply with the Company Equal Opportunity & Diversity Strategy Policy at all times and to act responsibly and do everything that they can to promote issues. The directors and management of the company will monitor the operation of our approach to equality and diversity to ensure we comply with the Commission for Race Equality’s Code of Practice for Employment at work and or any other persons who may be affected by the company’s work operations.


The partnership approach taken by Connolly Ltd sets a benchmark for best practice in the industry, I am in no doubt that they can rise to any opportunity presented to them and I have no hesitation in recommending Connolly Ltd as well as looking forward to continuing to use them on this and future projects.

Chris Rawcliffe, Planned Surveyor Irwell Valley Homes

Connolly’s are an exceptional contractor to work with and the customer satisfaction is consistently above 98%. They take a pride in the work they do and go the extra mile, when it comes to service delivery. 

Victoria Marsh, Project Manager Wythenshawe Community Housing

Connolly’s are currently our go to contractor for all our FRA work, planned investment and cyclical works.  They have proven to be an absolute asset to us by keeping our properties safe and in excellent condition.  The team at Connolly’s are professionals in every sense with a can do attitude.  It’s a real pleasure to work with Connolly’s and hopefully for a long time to come.

Dennis Gilbert – Arcon Major Works

We have developed an excellent relationship with the team at Connolly over several years. Their retrofit team have performed consistently and our residents are delighted with the solar panel work that has been delivered.

Flintshire Council, Sean O’Donnell

The Connolly team were excellent throughout the project and our tenants are delighted with the changes that have been made to their properties to increase energy efficiency. We were always kept informed of progress & we are delighted with the results.

Team Leader, Asset Manager Wigan Council

The team’s proactive approach, expertise, focus on delivering exceptional services to our customers & commitment to making a positive difference in our communities stands out in all their work and we are pleased to partner with a contractor that shares our values.

First Choice Homes

When Connolly’s won the Tender to Fit Out my Design for Warrington Housing Association’s Head Office, I had not previously worked with them. They quickly proved that they were an asset to the Project and an ally to me, working with me to make sure my Design was realised. Their professionalism and experience were much valued, and the end result is of the highest quality.

Ingo Interiors Ltd

Marks out of a 100, I would have to give 110 for the set-ups Alex Carter (Site Manager) has pulled together. The standard of Welfare, Compliance documentation, First Aid, etc is first class. I cannot find any faults! The attention to detail is quite impressive.


Keelagher Okey Klein – John Davies, Project Manager

Their commitment to customer service is a major factor in their re-appointment to the next 5-year Framework for Onward Homes. Their overall performance is testament to the hard work and effort of the onsite teams.

Onward Homes

I was nervous on my first day in the business, but the team were so welcoming and made me feel at ease, nothing is too much trouble. I love my role with Connolly Ltd, It’s a brilliant place to work, a true family.

Customer Manager Connolly Ltd – Andrea Ratcliffe

The people within Connolly Ltd are always very friendly, approachable and willing to help. The culture within the business is really unique and compliments their approach to working in partnership with their clients.

Redsky Training

Connolly Ltd have worked in partnership with Wigan Council for over 30 years. They are committed to the development of communities within the Wigan Borough and are actively involved in key social value initiatives within Wigan.

Wigan Council

Their approach to Health & Safety is really refreshing. Always willing to go the extra mile whilst ensuring they maintain the high standards from inception through to completion of any project.

Stephen Walker – Walker Design

Connolly Ltd were amazing from start to finish when installing my new kitchen and bathroom. I was kept update on a daily basis and the site team were always on hand to explain what would happen next. It looks fantastic

Resident at Great Places Housing

It has been a pleasure to work with Connolly Ltd on our head office fit out / refurbishment. They fully understood our brief and worked with our teams to ensure delivery on time and within budget, whilst overachieving on our aspirations for quality. They provided a great service for us.

Warrington Housing Association

A very professional service with people who are committed to achieving success through the delivery of a great customer experience.

National Care Group

Connolly Ltd have performed consistently on the delivery of wholehouse refurbishments for Flintshire CC for over 5 years. During this time we have developed a strong partnership and fostered great relationships with the Connolly Ltd teams.

Flintshire CC

Connolly Ltd is a really good place to work. It’s a place where they want people to thrive and grow, to become part of something special and show their true potential.

Contracts Manager Connolly Ltd – Neil Gibson