Sale West, Community Support Irwell Valley Homes

It was a pleasure to catch up with the Irwell Valley Homes team onsite recently. James BeswickChris Rawcliffe, Ryan Wood and Faye Cummins from Irwell Valley Homes, joined our Site Manager, Carla Whitworth & Social Value Manager, Linda Beaumont, RLO, Lisa McSorley and Apprentice RLO, Eve, for a walkaround, meeting residents in Sale West who have recently had works carried out in their homes.

Through our work with the community, both delivering social value activity and property works, we are aiming to improve resident morale around the estate, working within the community to offer weekly drop-in sessions where their voices can be heard and working with IVH to offer specific support through their Community Support fund. This is making a huge difference within the community.

Well done to our fantastic site team, who without none of this would be possible! Keep up the good work!