Enviromental Improvements

Our Site Manager paul duckitt and RLO Carolyn are working in Wales on behalf of Flintshire County Council to undertake environmental improvement works.  They recently had the pleasure of been invited to a coffee morning as a thank you for Connollys financial donation to Boughton & Bretton Community Centre .

“We have rented a section of the car park for several years, firstly for whole house works and currently for the current fences and path scheme. The centre, which is used most days, is a registered charity. They have told us that by having a rental income it benefits the community immensely. This event involved the meeting of elderly residents and persons with special educational needs, for many this is all the social interaction they receive.

We discussed with the charity organiser a grant they received after covid, and how this was eaten up completely by internal improvements. Connolly’s contributions to the maintenance of the building, including repairing walls, gutters and even some roof work was an enormous help. Everything served today was free of charge courtesy of the good efforts of the volunteers. We will be moving on shortly and everyone said they will be sad to see us go.“ Paul Duckitt, Site Manager