Blue Coat School, Oldham – Future Exhibitions Event

Connollys were invited to Blue Coat School to talk about careers in the construction industry, especially to young women who thought that working in construction meant they had to be a trade.

It was a pleasure to educate the shcool in various careers, the exhibition is a real opportunity for students in years 10, 11 and 12 to look at pathways that lie beyond sixth form college.


Bronte Polvanie our trainee QS –  “It was great to see how many pupils were interested in construction, from year 8 through to sixth form pupils. The event was a beneficial way to relay information regarding different routes into construction which I found few knew about. Explaining about both the hands-on side of construction on site, and the professional side of construction in the office, the team could help direct the best route for the pupils. The main route I advised was through an apprenticeship whereby the individual could earn and learn at the same time. This was the route I took and so was happy to answer all questions around the approach. Overall, I feel the event for Connolly’s was highly positive in inspiring young minds and displayed a great route for the pupils to take in their career”

Blue Coat School Quote – “May I take this opportunity to thank you for your attendance at last week’s Future’s Exhibition, an event which was incredibly well received by our students.  In fact, they are still talking about it now, and feel that they have far more clarity on their post-18 pathways than they did before, so THANK YOU!”