A Day in the Life of Nicola Ingman, Resident Liaison Officer

Since today is International Women’s Day, we thought we’d sit down with another fabulous woman from our team, Nicola Ingman. Nicola has been in the business for 4 years and works out on site as a Resident Liaison Officer on our North Wales sites. Originally from Wales, Nicola has travelled the world working as Cabin Crew for both British Airways and Emirates. After years of life in the sky, she decided to hang up her wings and come to join Team Connolly and she hasn’t looked back since!

Welcome to our next instalment of our ‘Day in the Life of’. A series of interviews with our people here at Connolly’s, providing insight into our day to day activities and our people. 

So, let’s go back – can you give us a brief insight into your career path which has led you to be in the position you are today?

I started my career at the age of 18, working in the travel industry and landing my dream job as Cabin Crew for British Airways.  I traveled the world for 6 years, then decided I wanted a change.  I applied for a job that required a welsh language speaker for a construction company as a receptionist, but with my customer service skills, they thought I was more suited for the role of Tenant Liaison Officer.  With no idea what the job entailed or no background in construction, I was going into the job blind.  After a few weeks in my new role for Forrest, I loved everything about it, meeting new people, working in a busy environment and it was something completely different from what I was used to.

A couple of years later I was offered an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.  To move and live abroad in Dubai, UAE and work for one of the biggest airlines in the world, Emirates. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience; visiting places I never knew existed, worked and became friends with people from all walks of life.  It truly was life-changing.

A little short of 4 years, I decided to hang up my wings for good and return home to Wales.  I knew I wanted to work back in construction and after a month since returning home, I secured my job with Connolly as a Resident Liaison Officer, where I’ve been for 3 years.

Are there any moments in your career, past or present, that stand out to you?

As much as I love my current job, moments that stand out to me are all the amazing places I’ve visited. A few of my favorites are Table Mountain in Cape Town, climbing the Great Wall of China, and touring America. Wonderful memories that will stay with me forever.

What kind of skills do you need to be effective in your role?

Being able to plan your own workload is super important, as you don’t know what you’re going to face that day. We need to be excellent communicators and negotiators because we act as the go-between, between the site and our customers.

Can you tell us about a typical working day for you?

No two days are the same …. Which is why I love my job!

Some days are spent in the office catching up on paperwork and ensuring the planning of the program is kept up to date and other days I’m out on site meeting new tenants explaining what works we will be carrying out and liaising with site staff and the client.

We are the first point of contact for the customer and any issues that occur on-site, I believe a first great impression goes a long way.

We can’t do an interview without mentioning COVID-19 as it is very much the topic of conversation at the moment. How do you think Connolly reacted to the pandemic and what kind of effect on the overall industry do you think it will have?

I think Connolly reacted great to the pandemic.  Senior management was in constant communication with us throughout the time we were furloughed, whilst they were working in the background ensuring new policies and procedures were in place ready for our return.

Where do you see Connolly Ltd in 5 years?

Since joining the team in 2017, I have already seen how much Connolly has grown and new doors are always opening.  I believe it’s an exciting time to be part of the company.

Can you tell us about the hardest moment in your career and how you overcame it?

Definitely moving away from home, I am such a home bird and found it really difficult at first.  I honestly didn’t think I’d last 4 weeks never mind 4 years …… Mind the 35c+ heat and sandy beaches made it slightly easier!

Connolly Culture is at the heart of the business – can you describe what the culture means to you?

I’ve never worked for a company like Connolly before. As soon as I started, I felt like I was part of the family.  Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel right at home. It’s such a great feeling knowing you work for a company that supports, encourages, and believes in everything that you do.

I feel lucky working for Connolly and I know that’s all down to the people I work with.

What do you believe is the greatest thing that Connolly Ltd has achieved so far?

It’s clear to see how much Connolly has grown over the years which is an achievement in itself. But for me, it’s how the company has kept the family culture and how everyone supports each other.  It’s difficult to find a company where you feel valued and supported and you’re not just an employee number. That’s a huge achievement in my eyes.

Do you have any advice for people who want to work in the Construction industry?

I didn’t set out to work in the construction industry but if you get given the opportunity to, then give it a go, as you might be surprised with the outcome just like I was.  There are so many different paths you never know where you’ll end up.

What do you love most about your job?

The job satisfaction you get when you’ve completed a property and the customer is really thankful for everything you and the team have done.

Finally, if there was one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Take every opportunity given to you in life.

Have no regrets and live life to the full.


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